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Originally Posted by SigPro2022 View Post
So let me get this straight. No one who supports McCain can believe or understand your candidates stance or views? That is so elitist. Anyone who supports McCain just doesn't understand, is that it? I guess it's your job to set us all straight, and make sure we support the mighty O? A vote for Obama is a vote against your 2nd Amendment rights, no matter how you try and justify his views.
Sig, I am not trying to set anyone straight. All I am saying is that McCain's plans do not make sense economically. He wants to cut taxes by cutting port barrel spending when port barrel spending cuts completely wouldnt be able to fund the tax cuts he is talking about. Every person that I see on here that has been a "mccain gun owner/supporter" never says ANYTHING about anything other than the fact that he is better than Obama on ONE issue. I dont care if you vote for Obama or not. I just believe that it is ignorant to vote for a candidate based on 1 issue... and some of the comments like "we better be armed when nov. 5th rolls around" are just laughable.

kirg - what is ironic about being in the military and voting for someone who recognizes a war based on lies from the start of it?
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