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Originally Posted by meshmdz View Post
cooke, alot of fellas on here are good guys but they just spout rhetoric they hear and take it as fact.
Yeah, I guess I should be nicer about it with folks who obviously don't know any better. But its so infuriating to keep hearing the same talking point lies repeated over and over and over. When we point out the lies, they say well, Obama lies, too.
But my point about the voting present thing (still haven't heard anybody making this charge respond) is that the people who wrote that talking point for less-informed people to spread (like our friends here at GT) know there is no such thing as voting present in the US Senate. But they say it over and over and then get people here at GT to echo it.
Bottom line is, almost every single crack against Obama at GT is a lie. The ONLY real factual point they have on him is his stance on 2nd Am. That's it.
Obviously I disagree with Obama on that, but its not even a priority of his, and enough of his support comes from gun owners that I just can't see him making a wedge issue liks guns a priority. It would be politically stupid to do that, and he has demonstrated he's not politically stupid.
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