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Originally Posted by meshmdz View Post
Not really, its more like we believe and understand the stance of the candidate we support as a fix to the **** the Republican party has presided over and allowed to go to hell. Its more like that.
REALLY? Funny...I can't find a thing on what he really stands for...Can you explain???

lets just start with something simple:

1. Guncontrol...What "Changes" does he see in our futures
2. The war on terror...just in general would he change our engagement policies for the better?
3. Social Security how can he change it for the better without taxing all of us.
4. The "Bail-out", what kind of change would he enact to benefit the taxpayer...we already know what his community organization has done with the housing market
5. His wifes view of America and how he can change them cause they are dead wrong.
6. His own ministers view and how he plans to help rev. wright change his attitudes.
7. What Change he feels is needed in America? What areas, what sectors etc...
8. His view and ideas on islam and the western world, and how to "Change" what we've been doing.
9. His ideas on becoming energy sufficient and how he will effect a change in that industry that will not go into our pockets even more.

I can go on and on because I have yet to hear one plan or idea...lots of talk about change but nothing except empty words....
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