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Upgrade Announcements

Guys, I want to cover a few points that I would really like you all to keep in mind, in the coming days:

  • The changes happening are being done for important reasons. I know very well how many of you feel about change. I am asking for you all to bear with me for a few more days, until I am done.
  • Every change that I can work on non-live before springing it on you here is being handled just that way. Many of the changes will require me to tweak them once they are up and this may cause some of you a bit of discomfiture. I wouldn't be doing things this way, if there was a better way to do it.
  • If you see something you don't like during these changes, wait five minutes and it will probably chance. Everything is fluid right now, so don't work yourself up any of the changes right now.
  • I will post an update message here at least once daily, during this process, from now on. I will also post an announcement here if anything big is about to happen or has happened.
  • When I am done, I will post a comprehensive synopsis of everything that changed and why. I will also post tutorials explaining the new features and functions. Most of this will end up in the site's FAQ system, linked to above.
Folks, these changes may be frustrating some of you, but I ask again that you give some thought to the amount of time and effort I am putting into this and cut me some slack. I believe that when I am done, the end result will be well worth the effort for most of you. I hope the rest will come to accept the changes as necessary. I learned long ago though that I can't please everyone. Thanks again for everyone's participation here and for your patience, during these upgrades. Eric
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