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meshmdz, it sounds like a one-issue thing, but here's another side to it: How an official feels about 'letting' American citizens own guns is a pretty good litmus test for how that person feels about the people of the Nation.

Does he trust them to make the right decisions overall, and want them to be responsible for themselves and their families' safety?

Or does he think he can save the 'common folk' from their own ignorance and hatred, and be their almighty protector? Does he feel they're just too stupid and irresponsible to own guns?

Or, does he fear what all these bitter people, clinging to guns and religion, would do if they didn't like his 'changes', and actually decided to do something about it?

As to the OP's question:

I'll probably vote third party, out of principle.
I might vote McCain if I see more substantial evidence that his views on things agree with mine.
I'll be damned twice before I vote for Obama.
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