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Originally Posted by HerrGlock View Post
I, for one, would really appreciate that. I've already found myself starting to post in the wrong forum because the big GT at the top doesn't take you to the main room tab, it takes you only back to the last tab you were in. I've gotta get used to that.

But then again, if we can make our own tab, then I'll have the ones I peruse as the primary tab only.

But on the other hand (okay, Tevia) I won't see any new forums added nor will I poke around in forums I'm not normally in like I did when it was on one page.

-eh- I'll get used to whatever it ends up being, I guess.
Eric... suscribed threads would be great, but it would also be great to keep the "my threads/replies" button. I used that more than any other feature here for quick reading and it was something that made GT more readable than other notable forums. Just my suggestion, if if you make it a part of the "Search" dropdown.

That said, the changes look great, Eric, and I love the new organization.
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