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Originally Posted by meshmdz View Post
REX, I am not going to be a law enforcement officer. I am 8 months away from being a 2LT in the active Army.

Still stating that I lack abilities to think critically because I am voting for Obama is a cheap shot and wrong on all accounts. So if Obama wins and the majority of America supports Him, are they ignorant and lacking critical thinking skills as well? Pretty big claim if you say it is so.
Obama will win if (and that is a very, very hypothetical 'if') he wins the electoral college. The electoral college does not necessarily equate to 'America'. A candidate can lose the popular vote and still win an election based on the electoral college.

I am stating that based on your choosing to support the anti-American Obama, you soil and dishonor your uniform and everything it represents.

If Obama wins I believe we will begin a very frightening shift towards a socialist form of government akin to the type of take-over that Hugo Chavez performed in Venezuela. You, as an ROTC cadet took an oath to defend this nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic. To state that you support Obama is nearly unfathomable.
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