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I personally liked the tabbed browsing.

Would it be possible for you to give the difference in kb's between the 2 versions. Our seeing the numbers between the 2 versions and the associated savings in both server overhead and in bandwidth may go a long way in quieting people about things as well as placing and explaining the cost better to the majority of the users. If the old format was Xkb and the new/tabbed format was Ykb, with a net savings of Zkb.

Most people will quickly understand that it is necessary. Right now at the time of this post, there are roughly 1000 users. If we are able to knock of Zkb per load going with the tabbed browser, and the associated overhead on the servers, I'm all for it.

To everyone else: I know I hit the main page 12-20 times a visit, multiplied across the system and all users , we will save alot of costs. Example, if X is 40kb and Y is 30kb, we save 10kb per load, start adding that up folks.

The other suggestion is similar to what you did in a response. On the main page explain what feature is being tested a bit better. When you stated that you tried out something, it jumped the server load up by 200% or so, and that you had to use the firewall to cut the connection to regain control of the box.

It would be nice to be able to test out what's going to happen in VMWare or VirtualBox, but that isn't always practical.

Again, Thank you for everything.

John B.
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