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I've been loading 165gr plated bullets with 9.2gr of longshot, OAL 1.26" with winchester WLP primers, I cant see any deformation but can feel the case head is bulged while resizing.

would it be safe to go up to 9.9 grains or do i really need to work up to it?

I am using an autodisk and that is the only jump without weighing every charge.

or should I load 10 at 9.5gr, 10 at 9.7gr, and 10 at 9.9gr?

What is the water's method or recognizing overpressure?

Farther up, there is a load of 10.2gr of LS, but it is a different primer, I may have answered my own question, but if anyone has interjections to add, they're welcome!

"The 9x19mm cartridge comes close to perfectly balancing cost per round, weapon magazine capacity, controllable recoil and terminal effectiveness, as any handgun cartridge yet invented."
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