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For many years the world ran on the US dollar. Now the "euro" is fast becoming the world's standard and is destabilizing our economy. We have a great many enemies, and not through our own fault, but because we have higher moral standards. And the funny part is, we are struggling with our own moral standards!

We need a leader who is fair, but not afraid to "pull the trigger." Truman saved millions of lives by using nuclear weapons. Tough decision. Could Palin make this way. Obama? Very doubtful.

There's much more I could say about this, but then the algae in my pool will win this day, and I know when to "pull the trigger." Sufficed to say, if the Prez race was McCain/Biden vs. Obama/Palin, this race wouldn't even be close. I haven't felt this bad in a Prez race since Clinton beat Bush.

Each party this time around has some major issues. BUT, I still think given the problems we face dealing with a very dangerous world, McCain is the lesser of two evils.
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