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Originally Posted by meshmdz View Post
I respect you norton. REX knows nothing of respect because if he disagrees with you politically, then he bashes your uniform, the fact that you made the same decision that others did to wear it, the fact that you love this nation, etc... all because your politics dont meet his litmus test of what HE thinks America should adhere to. I'm glad this type of fool is the kind that just trolls on a forum online and wont affect those of us who want what is better and best for this nation. I tried to be respectful to him and he repeatedly took cheap shots and its just wrong.
Tell yourself whatever you need to, to absolve your guilt. It doesn't make any difference. Obviously it's something you are rather sensitive about, indicating a level of insecurity about the choice, or perhaps you realize what a mistake supporting Obama is, but your pride won't let you admit a mistake. Who knows? If you were truly confident in your conviction then you simply wouldn't acknowledge my 'cheap shots'. They simply wouldn't phase you. However, it's fairly obvious that choosing Obama is something you are doing without any real research or investigation. Hence, you are basing your pick on emotion. Thus, without thought.

If you truly wanted something better for this nation, you wouldn't be voting for Obama. You simply haven't done any real research.
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