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10-06-08 Update

Ok, the site should now be running faster during busy times. The site has not been running slower lately because of the upgrades. it has been running slower lately because the traffic is picking up with the coming of cooler weather, as it does each year. The problem is that we have grown enough over the summer that the server couldn't handle the additional load. I have brought a couple of other servers online to help with the workload.

The server loads were a primary consideration for me, in my upgrade strategy. I knew the server was pushing its limits. The site needs a new homepage, but the server did not have the resources to install any of the portal programs designed to work with the vBulletin software I use. honestly, I don't know that we will have enough server power to run one of these systems even now, but I am going to try to get one of them to work.

You have probably all noticed the tabbed front page is gone. I really thought that was a better system, but I was worn down by the opposition to it. My biggest frustration in doing upgrades like this is the amount of inflexibility and even obstinance I encounter from so many people. At any rate, I have shelved the idea of turning the front page of the forums area into a portal page for the site. This means moving the forums back into the 'forums' subcategory and making a portal software work, or, failing that, building a homepage that interacts with the software here. I will be working on all of this over the next few days. There should be very little disruption here during the process. I will post another update soon. Eric
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