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Originally Posted by farnhamj View Post
Look at who is doing the polls. CNN says that Obama is leading. Fox says Mccain is leading...etc etc. everyone is going to be biased to their cause, and the do their polls where they know that they are going to get the answers they want for the viewers that are watching them. Just vote the better of the two, (or the lesser of two evil, however you see it) and then we will see in a month who will be in charge. Either way, half of the nation is going to say it is the saddest day of their lives and the economy will still function, and wars will still be fought and everyone who voted for the losing candidate will complain that we would be better off if the "other guy" won and the world will still spin.

Just before you vote, think about the real issues at hand and who you would rather be dealing with them for the next 4 years. It seems too many people think about whether Biden or Palin would make the better POTUS. News flash, they aren't running for that POTUS. Some people need to think it over a little harder.

Hmmmm , that is interesting coming from someone who says they bring the "facts" to the table... Sean Hannity and Dick Morris just said McCain is "way behind from where he was 10 days ago."

The fact is, Obama is leading marginally and is going to win. Its sad that people are more bent on bashing him and his ideas for this nation which are NOT bad. Building the middle class, taxing the rich, lowering gas prices, BUILDING the military (Army by 65,000, Marines by 27,000), making college more affordable for Americans, bringing healthcare to those who arent covered under private plans, and working on environmental incentives to make sure that the environment is taken care of, just to name a few...

But no, many of you want to bash him and call him un-American, a friend of terrorists, etc... Its ok, the American people arent buying your lies and saying he is going to gut or cut the military is bunk on all accounts. You have NO evidence of anything he has said regarding this false claim.
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