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Originally Posted by PAGunner View Post
, sadly, you will be suprised when Obama passes every gun control legislation there is, short of an all out ban. The only way this won't happen is if the blue dog democrats actually show some back bone and don't vote with the loons running the asylum lock step, and I haven't seen any evidence of that yet.
You think just because someone is a Democrat or votes Democrat that they are going to support the unlawful ban of firearms in the USA? If so, you and many like you are fools. I am a Southern Democrat and have some views that some Democrats share and some that they do not. For one, I dont agree whole-heartedly with Obama's gun control stance. I dont. However, I will not let that stop me from voting for him because McCain is nothing more than 4 more years of Bush and that is NOT what this nation needs. How foolish can you be to say, Im going to vote for someone that I dont think will enact certain gun control measures so I will have my guns... But the economy is going to be worse, the middle class is evaporating into this air, the rich are getting richer, gas prices will continue to soar, more Americans will lose their homes/healthcare/jobs, etc... But BY GOD, my AR-15 will be in my bedroom... Get real.
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