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OBAMA 2012
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Originally Posted by MRex21 View Post
Tell yourself whatever you need to, to absolve your guilt. It doesn't make any difference. Obviously it's something you are rather sensitive about, indicating a level of insecurity about the choice, or perhaps you realize what a mistake supporting Obama is, but your pride won't let you admit a mistake. Who knows? If you were truly confident in your conviction then you simply wouldn't acknowledge my 'cheap shots'. They simply wouldn't phase you. However, it's fairly obvious that choosing Obama is something you are doing without any real research or investigation. Hence, you are basing your pick on emotion. Thus, without thought.

If you truly wanted something better for this nation, you wouldn't be voting for Obama. You simply haven't done any real research.
I have done research. And the hell of it is, I cant find any of McCain's plan to cut taxes on middle class Americans and how he is going to INCREASE the military by manpower.

Secondly, your assessment of me, given you dont know me, is laughable Rex. You think I care what you think of me and get upset about it... I just have something called integrity and when someone bashes someone because they dont agree with them politically, it shows what an ass said person is and depletes any credentials their thoughts might have garnered them in intellectual discussion. For you to state your opinion and dissent with mine is more than fine, but to bash me and my character because Im not supporting McCain isnt right.
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