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Originally Posted by meshmdz View Post
The fact is, Obama is leading marginally and is going to win. Its sad that people are more bent on bashing him and his ideas for this nation which are NOT bad. Building the middle class, taxing the rich, lowering gas prices, BUILDING the military (Army by 65,000, Marines by 27,000), making college more affordable for Americans, bringing healthcare to those who arent covered under private plans, and working on environmental incentives to make sure that the environment is taken care of, just to name a few...
Every candidate makes these promises. I want to see a plan. What do you mean by build the middle class?. Taxing the rich is a joke. His plan is to increase tax for anyone who grosses over $250,000. That is more than half the small business owners, the "middle class." How is he going to build the military? Drafting again?
College is affordable for many people. You just have to face the facts that you take out college loans and pay them back when you have a job after graduation. Should we just GIVE money to them to pay for college or make them earn it and appreciate it more.
Healthcare is a joke here. The insurance companies run healthcare. We need more people off medicare/madicade and get real jobs and pay for healthcare themselves. Wanna fix healthcare, fix insurance companies...then again you can't when the lobbiests and politicians are in the ins co pockets. I really don't think that Obama can do that.

But no, many of you want to bash him and call him un-American, a friend of terrorists, etc...
BUT HE IS!!!! Why do you overlook that a person that wants to be pres of the USA has large ties to terrorists and whose wife is ANTI-USA. Friggin amazing.
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