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Originally Posted by meshmdz View Post
I am done with this thread. The fact is, GW Bush hasnt done jack squat for the middle class and more people becoming millionaires is nice isnt it??? Too bad they only account for less than 2% of the population in the USA. I am done with this thread. You have your thoughts, you know who you are voting for and I know my thoughts and whom I am casting my vote for. Im just regretful that this thread has come to blows amongst Glockers when it has accomplished nothing.
Your dam right its nice! Do you mean to tell me, you meshmdz would not want to be a millionare? That less than 2% that are millionares? The vast majority of them got there through hard work, and you two could get there if you have the ambition, that is part of what is so great about capitalism. Low tax rates go hand in hand with prosperity (ie, more "rich people" and a growing middle class). Russia is even more capitalist than we are right now, if we continue to slide toward socialism, they will continue to grow and will trump us economically and militarily within 20 years, garantee it.
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