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Originally Posted by tedg-23 View Post
+1, Some people will never get it!!!!!!
EXACTLY!!! What more needs to be said? With that said, I'll ramble anyway. Does George W. suck? Sure, in plenty of ways. BUT I STILL WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR HIM THE TWO TIMES I DID! Not all change is good and some of you need to wake up and understand that. Does John McLame suck? Sure, in plenty of ways. That's the reason it's been said the Demotards can't lose in this election.

But you're darn right I'll be voting for McLame over:
1)Someone who's already got a thumbsup from virtually every communist, socialist, dictatorship, and terrorist organization in the WORLD. 2)Someone who would disarm the general population. 3)Someone who would outrightly insist on bigger government in direct terms of socialization. 4)Someone who would raise taxes higher than the ridiculous amount we're already burdened with, personal and business. 5)Someone who would plainly say we will pay up to and beyond $12/gallon of gasoline with zero chance of expanding drilling for oil within our own borders and offshore. 6) Someone with direct terrorist ties as friends. 7), 8), 9), 10), 11),....)And on and on and on......

Then you have those like my wife's dad who thinks by voting Demotard that he's still voting for someone with the morals of a Democrat of 40yrs ago. He doesn't care what's said about the candidates as long as he votes demotard. Obama could kill everyone in his immediate and extended families, and he'ld still vote for him. GOD help us!

Oh yea, about Sarah - She's the best of the four! Nuff said.
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