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As many of you know, some workplaces and public venues block access to sites like Glock Talk, so some alternate domain names that point at the same location are available, like Adding the new homepage has complicated the use of alternate domain names used to access the site. I intend to have the site where the alternate domains will work with all the new features when I am done, but there is at least one known issue, at this time. If you visit the site from an alternate URL, like, and attempt to log in on the main page, the login will not occur and you will just loop back to the main page. What you need to do is to go to {place alternate domain name here, like}/forums (Which is the location of the forums, and log in there. Once you have done so, you will show as logged in everywhere, including on the homepage. There may still be some scattered hard-coded links that will take you back into, so watch for them. I will clean them out, when I get a chance. If you discover one, there are a variety of different ways to navigate the site. Choose another one. The new forumjump droop-down list, in the bottom-left of the navbar, will work with alternate domain names.

The navigation box in the right column of the main page now works with alternate domain names. So when you show up using a different domain name, click on the forums link in that navigation block, and sign in on the forum's main index page. That column will soon replace the column elsewhere on the site, so these links will be available everywhere. Eric
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