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Let me see. The choice is between an elder statesmen, who just happens to be a war hero who has proved his character and loyalty by putting his life and limb on the line for Americans, and by passing up the opportunity to be released by his captors so that other prisoners could go home before him. A man who has served with distinction in the Senate for many years and who has been called a "maverick" because of his willingness to fight for what he believes is right, even against his own party. This man has a proven track record and has been able to work across the aisle on important legislation. A man who has been willing to stand up against such formidable and corrupt organizations as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. A man who is willing to admit he has been wrong when he has. A man whose credo has been, Honor, Duty, Country.

The other choice is a member of the US Senate who has not contributed one piece of important legislation in his few years in office. This man votes “Present” more often than not, thus eliminating any possible repercussions for an unpopular vote. This man was trained and coached and mentored by Marxist's such as Saul "The Red" Alinsky. He is affiliated with such corrupt organizations as Accorn. He has had close ties, friendships, with a terrorist husband and wife team who have bombed and actively promoted the overthrow of our great country and a felon who has had questionable financial dealings that benefited him. This man who, according to his own writings, has been mentored by and married by a radical, America hating minister. A man whose wife has not been able to be happy with America, until he ran for the presidency. A man who says he supports our Second Amendment rights while voting for and advocating eliminating this most important right. This man has called for America's surrender and defeat through unconditional withdraw in our ongoing struggle in Iraq. A man who appears to be unable to say that the “Surge” by our honorable military in Iraq has actually worked because it isn’t politically beneficial for him to do so, contrary to all the evidence of the “Surge’s” success.

I served our country in the U S Air Force and learned the principals of “Honor’, Duty and Country”. I’ve spent 36 years in finance and banking in this wonderful country. It wasn't only college economics that taught me why our country's government and economic system is the best in the world and has endured for as long as it has, it was my daily working experiences that taught me what works for our country and what doesn’t. I’ve also learned quite a bit about Marxism and Socialism and the utter failure and misery that these "isms" have brought to the world.

So, let me see. The choice is between an honorable, experienced true American hero who has demonstrated good judgement and good moral fiber or an inexperienced, radical who associates with terrorists and radical organizations that promote revolution and, I almost forgot, voter fraud, and worst of all, has if not a communist leaning, certainly Marxist training and beliefs. He is at best a radical and at worst a Marxist.

I think I’ll go with the American hero and his maverick sidekick.
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