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Illegals voting here in Tn

All day today I have been listening to 99.7Fm talk radio and the local news and there have been lots of reports of Illegal Aliens in Nashville area voting .
Reports of buses and vans of Illegals that have interpreters with them are leading them into the voting booths and "helping" them vote. Most are not being required to show proof of I.D. . This is really burning me up . Then a guy , of some type of authority was interviewed on the radio by Phil Valentine . Phil drilled this guy about how come people were being allowed to vote that had no proof of citizenship and not evven being able to speak English. The guy defended the illegals saying they had a right to have interpreters withthem . I believe that is wrong . I believe you must SPEAK and WRITE English before being a citizen and I really belive that is a requirement . Hardly any of these people could do that .
Have any of you guiys heard of these types of Illegal voting going on ?
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