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I just got my Dillon dies for the 9X25, these dies will size the 10mm casing and reduce the neck down to 9mm in one sizing/depriming pass.

This comes as a 3 die set; The Case Sizer/Forming/Depriming Die, a Seating Die and a Crimp Die.

The seating die has a rounded nose and a flat nose bullet seater which you pull the pin and turn it over, re pin it and its set for the other.

The Crimp die is just that to finish the crimp process.

There is "NO" expander included with the dies, this may be part of a special powder through the expander die set up with the powder hopper. I'm not using this at this time because I am working on a single stage RCBS press for now. I dug out my 9mm RCBS die set and I am using the expander die in that set to expand the case mouths to accept the bullets (jacketed and cast), this has provided a very true straight neck with proper tension.

After I expanded the case mouths the seating process was good to go! My first attempt without expansion resulted in the cast bullet grabbing the case mouth and buckling...I new better, but I was studying how the Dillon Dies would perform. That why I grabbed the 9mm expander die.

One other thing I will do is to get the RCBS type die locking rings to lock them on the die so the setting doesn't change while using and removing them in the single stage presses. This is not a problem in the Dillon press as the dies stay in the tool head, and the nut will secure it.

After I assembled them they dropped into the barrel and head spaced properly.

Anyway here are the first few loaded with LEE 122gr Cast TC .356" over 11.0 grains of Blue Dot. This load in the 357Sig with a 125GD does 1416 fps.
Click image for larger version

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Now I have to get to the range for some actual results.

More to come!
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