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Originally Posted by CarlosC View Post
Yes, it probably is an American receiver. There are a couple of companies that have been making receivers in the US for years. Look around the gun, either on the left side or underneath in front of the mag well for the name of the receiver manufacturer. My guess would be an NDS3 by DCI.

Your gun appears to be a Romanian G-kit, although I can't be sure without you telling me about any markings, on a US receiver with the correct number of 922r compliance parts. Those are probably a TAPCO FCG, maybe a gas piston, and a few others. It looks like your gun still has the original G-kit furniture, so be careful on compliance. Mine required a US magazine to stay legal, until I replaced the pistol grip nad slant brake with a US-made versions. I was then able to use foreign-made steel mags. Just watch your count.

You must be an AR person since you refer to a Romanian "upper". In the AK world, there are no uppers, just the receiver and the other parts.

Overall, you got yourself a very nice rifle that will outlast you. I am curious how much you paid for it, but it doesn't matter as long as you are happy. Typical AKs like yours one year ago were running $350, now they are getting about $500.
Thanks for your input. I am at work now, but I do believe I saw DCI on the receiver.

I am not really an AR guy either. Since learning to shoot my uncle's WWII service 30 06 in the fifties I haven't had much to do with long guns. However looking at the political situation in the last year, I have purchased a PTR91 in 308, 870 rem., Saiga12, Saiga 7.62 and this AK.

The dealer I bought this from actually makes them in the back of his store at the rate of about 2 a month. He claims he could sell many more but doesn't have the time to do more. His employee was the one that used the term "Romanian upper" and I just took that to mean gas piston and return spring, dust cover, bolt, FP and carrier.

The furniture really does look like poor quality copies of the wood in your pictures, so it might be foreign parts and count against me? The rifle came with a 30 round double stack mag. Should I be concerned about 922r while using it?

The price was listed as $545. He sold it to me for $530 and threw in a 20 round box of wolf ammo, which is what I shoot in my Saiga
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