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Originally Posted by CarlosC View Post
AKs are not that hard to build provided you have a rivet tool and some jigs. You can also build them with screws. Your dealer friend seems to have built a really nice AK and the price is okay, in line with the current market. A few years ago, the Romanian kits were selling for like $100 and receivers for about $70, so you build an AK for about $200, but times have changed, the kits are drying up, and demand is increasing.

Back to the dealer...I hope he knows about 922r compliance. Ask around, especially on boards like's AK sections, and you'll see 922r is a huge consideration with all of us AK nuts. Better yet, write to the ATF or look at their website and you'll see I'm not kidding.

All of my AKs are postban and have been converted to pre-ban with the use of US-parts. On most, I wind up with a 10/6 split, and most people do, but I have a few with a 9/7 split. Regardless, if your gun is not in compliance and you want it to be, it's easy to do. In fact, the only part that really requires some work is the gas piston replacement.
I have a copy of the 922r list next to my saiga for conversion. Problem is, I want to keep the Saiga trigger and stock. (I have the stock with a built in grip that I like) So I can't swap out the trigger, but because the stock is considered two parts I can't just swap out the piston for a USA part.

I will have to go through my new AK and find what is USA and what is not so I know what I can get by with. The dealer seems to be very wary of BATF rules, so I assume he knows what he is doing when he put in what I assume to be a Romanian 30 round mag, but I will check closely. Any hints at where to look on the trigger group for 'USA' markings? I am new to AKs (well all long guns actually)
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