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Originally Posted by smoke View Post
You are correct sir. So much against FG's that I only own 1 - 3rd Gen Fullsize GLOCK and that is a G35 with the FGs removed. Believe me, I own many GLOCKs, but have to settle for 2nd Gen guns. Gaston can't sell me on FG's, so I doubt you will. BHP's, 1911's, Berettas, Rugers, S&W's, M&P's, XD's, Sigs - none of them have FG's, why would you want to add them is beyond me. I don't see anybody adding FG's to GLOCKs, only taking them off.

As I learn to do frame mods myself, I plan to get some more 3rd Gen Guns. Like I said, I hope you sell tons of these so I can get some factory frames at a reasonable price.

Good Luck in your endeavor!
I guess Hogue and Pachmayr didnt consult you before they started making finger groove grips. But those companies stopped making them because noone bought them...wait, no they didnt, because people do buy them.

JR, I hope they are a success and you make them for the G23 as well.
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