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Originally Posted by JR View Post
The frame is not featured on our web site because the information is not officially released. We simply figured GT has been good to us over the years so we would "privately" release the information here before anybody else seen or heard of it. LWD will be attending the Tulsa OK gun show November 7-9. If you would like to see this new replacement frame first hand we will have a couple of the rapid prototypes at this show for your inspection.

The frames will fit the G17,17L,22,24,31,34,35,37. The next production will be for the G20,21. The G19,23 are last on the list.

The replacement frame use all the standard Glock parts with the exception of the magazine release, which is the new oversized "round style".

The bump on the replaceable grip is a laser activation switch. The optional laser system is integral with the frame.

The target price of the frame is under $200. I am sure we will take huge steps to offer the initial run at further discounts to GT members.

The finger grips are the best we have ever seen, they fit both large & small hands alike.

The frame is considered the firearm. It has its own serial number. It must be transferred through a FFL.

I just ordered a 21 barrel for my 21SF yesterday... it gives me warm-fuzzies when shooting reloads.

When the 21 frame comes out, if it really is under $200, I'll get in line for sure.

Thanks for providing the excellent customer service many of us have come to enjoy. My Glocks are better for it.
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