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Ok a lot of questions

What holsters and Surefire X--- DG switch will work with your receiver

How about a ambi magazine release, always liked the Hk USP lever and it would seem to me it would be easy to make the magazine release modular to allow either button or lever, but then again I'am more qualified to critique warp core harmonics and wizards spells then the mechanics of a Glock

About the laser

1. Is it a Pulse or Steady Beam
2. How long does it run and on what kind of battery
3. is it water resistant
4. If the Diode goes will you replace it or will a new receiver be necessary
5. will it clear a suppressor

Now about the Receiver in General

1. will you offer it with stippling or golfballing on the entire grip instead of just front and rear strap(maybe also do the finger pads near the takedown lever)
2. cuts on the magwell sides for ease extracting magazine(Never had a problem or heard of any but it looks cool)
3. How pronounced is the beavertail(hard to tell from the rendering)
4. If it is possible to expand or bevel to trigger guard to help us ham hands who wear gloves

Any talk about Raven Concealment about making a Phantom Light Compatible Holster

And if you're making it from scratch maybe make it work with XD magazines so I could squeeze an extra round

I loved the feel of the finger groves on the Walther P99(Not the Smith & Weston crap) just no the rest of the package.

-edited for spelling

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