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Originally Posted by glock-fan View Post
Why...Why....make a copy from a glock for $300, ..for that money of I prefer to get the original.
There are those that really like the GLOCK deisgn, but don't believe they are perfect.
  • The intergal laser is appealing. The CTC's are awesome, but they do add bulk. I'm sure the Laser Max is a good unit as well, but I prefer it to be activated when I grip the gun.
  • Many of us that really choke up on the gun, tend to get bit by the slide. This makes the beaver tail appealing.
  • Some don't like the grip angle (I've come to like it).
  • A lot of us don't like the spacing on the finger grooves on the compact models, so we're hopeful that the compact will version will have full size finger groove spacing. (Sorry to those that don't like the grooves at all).
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