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Read this before posting here!

Hello folks,

Just a reminder that all Buy/Sell/Trade/Giveaway threads must be placed in the proper forum, and this forum ain't it.
This forum is intended for discussing parts & accessories, posting your experiences with them, asking for advice on the subject, troubleshooting, etc.

For all Buy/Sell/Trade threads, find the appropriate Want Ads subforum and start a thread there:
For items to give away (for free or only the cost of shipping), the Free To A Good Home subforum in the Want Ads is the place to go:

If you are having difficulties finding the proper forum, I'd suggest using the drop-down Forums Jump menu at the bottom of every Glock Talk page. It shows a complete list of all forums and sub-forums, and allows you to "jump" directly to any forum by simply selecting it from the list.


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