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I have an RRA. It is a FUN rifle to shoot, I highly recommend you try one. I always felt that the AR should have a little more kick and blast

Ammo is about $1/shot. Now, that does get you premium Hornady VMAX 110gr suitable for defense and hunting, but price-wise it is like shooting 223 TAP. I am still building up a brass supply but will be loading shortly. Not bad if you compare it to hunting ammo (since the VMAX is premium ammo), but poor when compared to surplus rounds...

I thought about going 308, but going with 6.8 allowed me to have a deer class round and remain completely interchangeable with my other AR lowers and all of the accessories and gear I already have. I also retain the exact same size and weight I am used to. Rifle was also about half the price (I big plus for me).

It is also my understanding that the 308 AR uppers are not even interchangeable outside of brand. I thought for deer a 243 upper would be slick. But, I am not sold on one particular brand's AR10 platform yet...
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