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This may be a glitch?

Numerous times I am finding that if I place my cursor on the blue arrow so that I would be taken to the last post in a thread, instead a kind of popup balloon appears with the URL for one of the advertisers. When this happens clicking on the blue arrow in an attempt go directly to the last post in a thread, insteads results in a new IE window opening up by itself which displays the advertiser site that was named in text in the 'balloon'. This is happening when my cursor is directly over the 'go to last post' arrow, and is not encroaching on any advert which is located close TO that blue arrow.

Could this be because adverts are placed IN threads..... so the actual "last post" in a thread is an advert?

For example, this morning I've had this happen more than three times, once for Tactical Night Vision ( , once for , several times for , at least once for , and at least once for

Eventually the actual last post will display in the original IE window, but a second window automatically opens up to one of the above-noted advert URLs. I tried to get a screen capture which also showed the location of my curser, but could only grab the following (attached)

When this happens, the actual loading of the GT thread's page is greatly slowed down, sometimes taken 30 or more seconds to actually appear.
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