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Pre-Order STAG ARMS (black rifles) -VT

UPDATE 11/16/2008 @ 9:49PM EST -

I WILL LOOK INTO ORDERING MORE ON MONDAY 11/17/2008 - thanks to all that looked and purchased very smooth correspondence -

O.K. further description: These are COMPLETE lowers and COMPLETE uppers all internal parts, springs, trigger group, barrel, bolt and carrier - ready to snap together-

Well I have been contacted by numerous members re: short supply of black rifle parts and full rifles. These members were also complaining about the staggering price increases unscrupulous dealers have placed upon there existing stock -

Not realizing there was a problem (Dah... asleep at the switch ) I checked with everyone of my vendors across the Country and found (0) ZERO inventory regarding anything AR ... Nothing, Nada...

Therefore, I called Stag direct (best bang for the buck black rifle) in my opinion. I just ordered 4 uppers and 4 lowers - 6 to 8 week delivery time.

The uppers are model 2H - M4 they come with a front sight post and removable rear sights.

The lowers are all what they call tactical 6 position stock M4 configurations. Anyone wanting any of these will be responsible for their own shipping I can't cover shipping costs at these prices. It will be actual shipping no hidden fees, no tacking on extra's ...

The uppers are $485 - you pay shipping (do not need FFL to ship)
The lowers are $270 - you pay shipping (will need FFL copy for lowers)

Payment terms, personal checks (with hold), cash, credit cards... I would like a small down payment to hold anything herein.

For those that buy an upper and lower (which is the whole idea) I will ship the upper direct and the lower to your FFL.

interested parties: Please respond, via email - as I have a sale folder open on these sales, this is how I keep track of purchases and inquiries ... The more of these I sell the more I will place orders - If I get enough interest this will be an ongoing order situation so we can keep ahead of demand and shipping times... Please note pricing is firm and a no trade rule applies -

Doing my part to keep America armed (and of course make a few bucks, at these prices very few believe me )

As always - customer service after the sale - for the moment I'm going to keep this offer in house with GT members only - however, if I get little to no interest it will be opened up to other forums of which I am a sponsor...

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