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Starting out as Senior Deacon...

Would it be considered an honor to be asked by the incoming WM to be the Senior Deacon if you are a new MM and have never held any other officer's position?

The brother who will most likely be the next WM asked me if I would consider being the SD if he is elected WM. I have been going to all the practices I can and have the first 3 work lectures memorized, and have set in the JS's chair for the EA Degree, plus I was asked to do the EA Work Lecture for the EA Degree, and I have also set in the SS's chair to open the FC Degree. I have been on cloud 9 since I was asked and didn't really want to ask anyone from the Lodge for obvious reasons, so I thought I might use the knowledgeable, kind brothers on this board for a "sounding board".

Just want to make sure I am not going too fast, but I feel I am ready to take on the responsibility and really look forward to learning the SD degree work and the MC Lecture.

What are your thoughts???

Thanks in advance...

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