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It's interesting to note that just three Glock models account for almost 43% of the votes in the poll: The G19 (the most popular, BTW) G17, and G26.

ALL of them are 9mm.

Seems like a LOT of people think the humble 9mm is more than 'adequate'.

And I have a G19. A 2nd gen. G19 that is relatively new to me, and looked to have had little use before I got it.

I'm very happy with it. I feed it reloads using my many times fired brass, from every manufacturer of brass cases on the planet. I have yet to have a FTF or a FTE.

I don't think many, or maybe I should say ANY 1911, that isn't 'loose' like a mil spec WWII type model, could do that. And deliver the accuracy, and the nice trigger that a 25 cent trigger job, plus a $20 3.5 lb connector can deliver.
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