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Originally Posted by bennwj View Post
Let me give you a perfect example of how the welfare system is broken and in need of overhaul.

My niece has made every bad decision in life that is possible. Dropped out of school, drugs, sex name it.

She had her first child (no father's name on the birth certificate) about two years ago. She had no job, no means of support other than her mom and was on every welfare program New York state and the federal government had.

When I saw her the baby was about 9 months old. She made the retarded statement that she, "wanted another one'. I told her that before she made taxpayers pay for another one, she might want to get a job and get her life in order. She said it was her "right" to have as many as she wanted.

Shortly after that we found out that she was pregnant again. No father on the birth certificate again.

Taxpayers are paying her to have babies. That is wrong. All payments to her should be cut off NOW.

Now, somebody who has worked and is disabled is a different story. If they have no way to provide for themselves then we must, as a people help out.

The system that we currently have traps people in the system.

My niece gets Section 8 housing and only has to pay $50 per month towards her utilities. Food stamps and a welfare check. She is 19 years old and more than capable of working.

Unfortunately she is not the exception. She is the rule when it comes to current welfare recipients.
I agree SGM. People like that are mooching off the system. However, I dont think you can say that because certain people do this that you can throw away the entire system.
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