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or call 210-223-4009 or
Toll Free: 1-877-688-5985

as far as accuracy - i dunno - why dont you buy some and let us know

the reason i keep bringing this up is that if you ultimately do want to load 10 mm / 223 sabots, you are gonna have to go with some pretty fast powders - as the bullets are gonna offer very little resistance and the expansion ratio is pretty big (volume behind the bullet as it travels down the bore)

the other problem is providing enough momentum to cycle the slide all the way back

didnt cds have to lighten their slide?

you can sort thru these issues with either a 60 grain 10mm bullet, or with a 10/223 sabot and 55 grain 223 bullet.....

besides - i honestly think that you stand a lot better chance of getting a 60 grain 10mm bullet before the end of 2002 than you do getting a 10/223 sabot before the end of 2007

and finally - lets talk about projectile length

a 60 grain 10mm bullet would be pretty damn short... you might even make it as a hollow based style just to give enough bearing surface

compared to this - a 55 grain 223 bullet is very long.... you might not have much room left for powder after cramming in that rifle bullet in to a oal that will fit a g20 mag
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