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Originally Posted by Colorado4Wheel View Post
One of the worst thing we have going on in America right now is the divisiveness as displayed in this thread and lack of understanding about how there can be another view besides your own. Obama did not get elected because he spouted off "Change" a bunch. To be honest, McCain lost the election because he had a poorly delivered message, lost his way during his campaign and failed to connect with the American people. He had a liar like "Joe the Plumber" as a spokesman. I mean come on, thatís just not going to work. Gun control is not the only issue in America and people failure to understand the other side of an argument just shows them to be narrow minded. Narrow minded people are not going to be able to effectively defend their own rights because they can not debate in an effective manner. We need to learn that not everyone believes like us and that does not make them stupid. Misinformed, perhaps, but not stupid. In many ways, we as gun owners are our own worst enemies because we cannot put ourselves in others shoes long enough to understand them so that we can effectively defend ourselves with out sounding angry or stupid ourselves.
Let me get this straight. McCain lost because he had a "Liar like Joe the plumber".

So, did Obama win because he had a "Terrorist like Bill Ayers"?

I would actually say that the people who voted for Obama are the narrow minded ones. All we heard over and over was "change". No real mention of change except to tax the **** out of people who actually work for a living. This who work for a living mistakenly believed that they would not get the tax increase ........ "they" were going to get a tax break.

What else did Barry say? Oh yes. We are going to end the war in Iraq. That is typical liberal bull****. Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Unfortunately Obama is our President. I wish him well, because his policies that he implements into law with an extremely liberal congress could cause real harm to our nation.
‎"We're moving in the right direction."

--attributed to two people: Barack Obama and George Armstrong Custer.
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