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Cough, cough,b.s., cough.

Very few undecided saw him as you describe. Sure the "right" does but thats not who he lost his votes too. Sure a lot of the base did not like him but I promise you they still voted for him. What else is they going to do vote for Obama in protest. The biggest problem was not loosing those votes. It was they did not come out and work for him. He had a poor support system as a result.

Edit: As far as Obama and what he did to win, I won't argue. McCain did much the same thing, he just looked far more ackward doing it. Kinda my point. McCain floundered while (for the most part) Obama looked poised. 3 years from now you will be hearing all the Republican pundants saying basically what I am saying now. The party is floundering as far as a clear message. When/if Obama fails then that will give the Republicans something to run on. Just like Bush and his unpopularity gave Obama what he needed to get votes.

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