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Originally Posted by Colorado4Wheel View Post
Cough, cough,b.s., cough.

Very few undecided saw him as you describe. Sure the "right" does but thats not who he lost his votes too. Sure a lot of the base did not like him but I promise you they still voted for him. What else is they going to do vote for Obama in protest. The biggest problem was not loosing those votes. It was they did not come out and work for him. He had a poor support system as a result.

Edit: As far as Obama and what he did to win, I won't argue. McCain did much the same thing, he just looked far more ackward doing it. Kinda my point. McCain floundered while (for the most part) Obama looked poised. 3 years from now you will be hearing all the Republican pundants saying basically what I am saying now. The party is floundering as far as a clear message. When/if Obama fails then that will give the Republicans something to run on. Just like Bush and his unpopularity gave Obama what he needed to get votes.
Two things:

1. I agree with you about the republican base not getting behind McCain. You are wrong about Republicans staying home however. It did happen. I know a few people who were so disgusted with McCains lack of conservatism, they thought that four years of a uber-liberal would do the Conservative movement some good. How many stayed home is up to guesswork, but many did.

2. I again agree that the Republican party is searching for a message. All you heard on the news was President Bush's poor approval ratings. You heard little or nothing about congressional approval ratings that were TWICE as low as the Presidents. If Republicans turn back to a conservative message/platform they will win and win big. It works every time it is tried. In this election cycle it seemed that every republican running from office was running away from President Bush's policies. Never mind that the CONGRESS has the power to approve a budget. Never mind that they were in power in the Congress for the last 4 years. The Media and the Democrat party were extremely effective in insulating the public from understanding how money is allocated and spent by the government.

I have a good friend who is liberal. He voted for Obama because he believes in all his socialist crap. I do not have a problem with that. I have a problem with the uneducated voter who makes a decision on emotion and sound bites.

Obama was a far better speaker than McCain. Does that make him right? Do his associations with domestic terrorists NOT matter? Bill Ayers wrote a forward in a book that praised Bobby Kennedy's assassin. Bill Ayers went from being a "guy in the neighborhood" to "a close friend". That doesn't matter?

"Growing the economy from the bottom up" makes sense? How many people on "the bottom" have the ability to create jobs and invest in the economy? How are they going to create wealth? Spending the welfare the government is going to give them (disguised as tax rebates) is NOT going to stimulate the economy.

You and I have argued his tax plan and I refuse to beat that dead horse, but any tax increases on business WILL be passed on to the consumer.

What about direct (without preconditions) negotiations with North Korea, Iran and others? Why give them legitimacy?

His policies are crap and I hope he does not implement them. We will be screwed.
‎"We're moving in the right direction."

--attributed to two people: Barack Obama and George Armstrong Custer.
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