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Obama is a Stooge for the Democratic Party, He has no qualifications for President, He has done nothing in his very short career in the US senate, thought he is surrounding himself with allot of Clinton People, must be driving those young college liberals with no knowledge of what the real world is all about, they will when they get out there in the real world and run into a boss that will use them to make a buck and if they don't perform and play the game they will be gone,maybe they will go cry to their Liberal college professors. Just fired 3 Obama supporters for not playing the game, I guess they got a swollen head over the election and decided to through 3 to 5 years out the window, 2 came back crying the blues about their families and the holidays,I laughed and told them they should have though about that before they decided to no longer play the game. The GAME are my rules, they need money and I have it. Welcome to the real world.

67 million people voted for Obama due to the economy, his own campaign admitted that, out of desperation, when he cant deliver on all those promises will see how fast they turn on him, other than the college students, which don't amount to anything in this society until they get out into the real world and accomplish something. The only people to get this economy out of this problem is the private sector, and that will take time in years, Obama and the democratic congress will keep printing money and the heads of these major companies will be there with their hands out and they will get money, free money they don't need to get their companies out of trouble,Capitalism is great, the rich get richer and the poor will get poorer. After printing all this money and the value of the dollar declines and the recession deepens, he will lose in 4 years as Jimmy Carter lost, remember 21 per cent interest rate, college kids excluded, you were still in diapers if you were even on this earth, and he will go down as one of the worst presidents, and that is too bad,especially for the first black president. IF he was a smart guy, he would have passed on this year election and have somebody else fail, and come back in 4 years win and go down in history as the first Great black president.

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