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Howdy everyone. I am new to this forum but I have read some of this thread. I had a KB a week ago. I purchased my third Glock on Nov. 21 (2 - 9mm and now a 45). It is a Glock 36. I had fired about 70 - 80 rounds of Winchester target ammo. I then loaded 5 rounds of some self defense ammo that I have (I use the same brand in my Glock 26 and have fired at least 50 - 60 of this brand in the Glock 26 before) in my Glock 36 and let the slide ram home. It was fully in battery. The first round I fired blew out at the bottom of the case, the magazine, broke the trigger, and the magazine release, and made the polymer frame swell.

I have called the ammo company - RBCD in San Antonio, Texas and they had me ship the gun and some of the ammo to them. The day they received it, they called me and said they would not repair my gun as the ammo is to be used only in fully supported chambers. The ammo company's website said this: "RBCD Performance Plus - Handgun /Rifle Ammunition has the highest velocity of any commercially available ammunition, at Standard Pressure Levels (never Plus P or higher pressure levels)." It also says this: "The Ammunition loaded by RBCD Performance Plus, Inc. is manufactured with new cartridge cases, powders and primers designed to SAAMI and our strict and exacting specifications. Always at Standard Pressure Levels (never Plus P or higher pressure levels)."

So they shipped the gun back to me b/c they would not fix it and I argued with them on the phone and there was nothing they were going to do. Here are pictures of the gun and case that blew out the side.

Valuable Info

Valuable Info
Broke magazine release and trigger

Valuable Info
Frame buldging

Valuable Info
Crack in frame on both sides of gun around the mag. release

So the gun is off to Glock but they say they won't pay for repairs as it is an ammo issue. :-(

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