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I got my new holster from Kholster on friday I wore it all very surprised with the quality of the holster its outstanding,the kydex part hugged my G21 perfectly retention was perfect reholstering was smooth...the leather was very clean cut smooth on one side (kidex side) the other side was a little raw like suade but a little rougher,the clips are sturdy and strong it really hugs my 1 1/2" 5.11 belt perfectly... you can adjust it in several positions I was surprised how my G21 concealed. It was very confortable to wear, it literally disapeared on my waist band, I wore it a little deep at 4:00 oclock position with no hasles. I was trying to decide between the Crossbreed or the M-tac before but I couldn justify the $80.00 price tag for a simple design.I found Kholster after doing some research its a new company and I belive they are going to give Crossbreed and M-tac some good competition.. Boy im glad I decided to go with Kholster its the best $33.50 I've ever spent...It was very confortable out of the bag It could only get better after I brake it inn...I rate it a solid A+ Im parking my Kramer #2 in horsehide for a while...Ill post pics as soon as possible... THX


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