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Originally Posted by bennwj View Post
Dude. Put the kool-aid down and throw the Democrat talking points away. McCain is not a conservative (i.e. on the "Right"). He campaigned as a "maverick" and kept saying how he fought the Republican party during his entire career in the Senate. Conservatives have called him a R.I.N.O. (Republican In Name Only) for years.

He lost because he FAILED to run as a conservative. That was one of McCain's mistakes. He never had the base to begin with so he didn't lose it....he had to try to win it.

Obama did a good job of playing class warfare and making people think that he (and bigger government) is the answer. Government is not the solution to the problem, it IS the problem.

If Barry Obama does the things he said he was going to do on the campaign trail, you will see a conservative in the white house in 4 years.

the SGM is correct here on a few points. McCain is NOT a conservative. Never has been. This is why many Republicans were hesitant to support him as they would have had Huck got the nod. I respect him but he was a lameduck nomination in a race that no Republican could have won IMO. Obama won because he ran the perfect campaign. Where did he mess up? You cant name a single instance. Because he didnt. He ran the best campaign in history, in many ways. Given, he had a pretty good shot from the get-go because so many people are sick and tired of a ****ty economy and the way the Republicans allowed this nation to go down the drain. The Democratic Congress has failed the American people in many ways as well , but many reasons they have failed is because they have failed to get initiatives across the isle because the White House has been repeatedly hesitant to work with anything DEMOCRATIC. If Obama can get things going in the right direction, he will win re-election easily I am betting. Anyone who thinks that he can fix this mess overnight or in 4 years is a total moron.
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