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Originally Posted by V Creed View Post
The much discussed "shock" of bullet impact is a fable and "knock down" power is a myth. The critical element is penetration. The bullet must pass through the large, blood bearing organs and be of sufficient diameter to promote rapid bleeding. Penetration less than 12 inches is too little, and, in the words of two of the participants in the 1987 Wound Ballistics Workshop, "too little penetration will get you killed."" (emphasis added)


I agree (1) that too little penetration is bad. And (2) alleged "over penetration" I don't worry about.

But, having seen BG's stopped instantly with one shallow penetrating COM pistol bullet, I know that there is more to "stopping power" than deep +12" penetration. Whether it's called shock, or stopping power, or whatever, it exists and isn't a myth.

If not, maybe the FBI can explain why deep penetrating .38 special 158gr RNL bullets don't have much stopping power, but much shallower penetrating .357 mag 125gr JHP's do?

Luckily, 10mm full-velocity ammo in the heavier weights have both deep penetration and decisive stopping power.
Cases do exist where the 125 fails to adequately penetrate the vitals of a thick body.

Light and fast may work better than slow and heavy and vice-versa depending on the body type. This is why I choose heavy and fast. 10mm cant loose in either case.

XTP's at Double Tap 10mm velocity will actually perform more like a controlled expansion bullet in real tissue. Gold Dots at 10mm velocities may do fine in ballistic gel - but in tissue and bone - they may over expand (according to Ferrel dog shootings).

I see no problem with combat distances and 10mm DT XTP's.... Beyond 21 feet, the 10mm may lose enough velocity where over penetration becomes a concern with XTPs. Load up with XTP's and push them as fast as you can!
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