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Originally Posted by Jitterbug View Post
Makes sense to where I can I find a 180 Gold Dot doing 980fps.

Please hold the "get a 40", I'm sticking to my 10's thanks, I can make it a 40 with a mag change thanks.

Is the Georgia Arms 180 Gold Dot running at 1150 fps the best comprimize?

I'd say the 180 GD from G-A is the best compromise for what you're looking for. You could handload but the 180 GD Speer loads themselves is going 1025 from a 4" in .40. Really would not make sense to download 10mm lower than factory .40 IMO. Speer is coming out with a 200 GD that is supposed to hit around the 980 mark in .40. Hornady has a 200 XTP that is medium velocity for 10mm. I'd stick with the 180 GD by G-A.
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