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Originally Posted by farnhamj View Post
Tailgunner, you kind of get used to it from him if you read enough posts from him. A new college grad from a college who have left wing profs (who are aloud to spew any crap and call it truth, brainwashing young students) who is spewing same left wing ideals and thinks he has it all figured out and that people with life experience throughout the last few presidents have no clue.

Stay tuned for more. It gets real funny sometimes.
Yea, it is funny. Funny that so many idiots are against the new President of this nation that was elected pretty strongly by the electorate. But since he isnt a white, redneck with Heston's package in his mouth, they hate him. Oh yea, and ANY type of attempts to prevent crime with gun laws they HATE. background checks are stupid to fools like farnhamj. appropriate psychological stature means jack **** to this moron.

I own guns like farnhamj and many others that have their head so far up the ass of the NRA they cant see the magazines they are trying to load. If Heston and the NRA said the guy is bad, he must be so i hate him. thats the rhetoric and mindset of fools like farny.
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