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But since he isnt a white, redneck with Heston's package in his mouth, they hate him.
watch the line man. Sounds kinda racist and prejudiced to me. My dislike (not hate) of this POTUS-elect has only a part due to A2 issues. There are many other parts which have been discussed over and over again.

Oh yea, and ANY type of attempts to prevent crime with gun laws
they HATE.
Do you seriously think that more gun laws are going to lower gun related crimes? Criminals are always going to have gun, but if you keep adding more restrictive gun laws, citizens like you and me are not going to be able to defend ourselves if needed.

background checks are stupid to fools like farnhamj.
never said that, never implied that, don't know where in the hell you got that impression from. I think background checks are very important in any gun sale or permit.

appropriate psychological stature means jack **** to this moron.

I own guns like farnhamj and many others that have their head so far up the ass of the NRA they cant see the magazines they are trying to load. If Heston and the NRA said the guy is bad, he must be so i hate him. thats the rhetoric and mindset of fools like farny.

He is bad in many aspects, and one is related to 2A issues. I respect your choice when voting. Use whatever excuses you need to justify your ballet but please don't spout crap about how the POTUS-elect is not bad for 2A rights. He is the worse we could have in regards to 2A rights; He has stated outright that he wishes no civilian have a gun...pistol, rifle, shotgun, anything. Scares the hell out of me.
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