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I've previously owned the G21 G26, G27, G30 and G36. I pretty much settled on the G21 as my favorite. I have long fingers and find the G21 grip comfortable. I like the power of a .45 ACP nad I reload it for other non-Glocks. I added target sights and love the way it shoots.

I recently came across a like new G19 with Advantage Arms .22LR conversion kit for an attractive price and I bought it. I shot it both with and without the conversion and found that I liked it alot. I'm thinking of gifting my adult daughter with a G19. (She has shot her significant other's G23 and seems to do well with it, so the size and grip are good for her.)

I've grown to like the G19 so much that I don't really want to be without one. Several local dealers are reporting that G19s are in short supply. I found a new G19 with extra mags and night sights and I decided to buy it so I won't be without a G19 for myself when my daughter takes my first one.

I'm at a point now where I don't know whether I like the G19 or the G21 better. Probably the G21 is still my personal favorite but I honestly think the G19 is the better all around pistol for the avarge user.
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