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Originally Posted by kat1950 View Post
All those that fail do deserve it, they failed due to some stupid descision along the way, 100 per cent of time needs to be thought,buisness, buisness, business, nothing else, not family,not anything, and you will suceed.

All those that suceed do deserve it, they sacrificed everything that life has to offer for their buisness and the money. I did it and would not have it any other way.

I will be damned if I pay higher taxes for those drones who played it safe and got a job and worked for somebody else, they got what they deserve, a paycheck, time to spend with their famlies, and to sit on the couch on weekends and drink beer. THATS ALL THEY DESERVE.
There are many examples of those whose work ethic is impeccable, yet failed due to circumstances beyond their control. However, our reaction to failure often dictates whether the state of failure is permanent or a transition to success.

Many succeed through luck, birthright, marriage, etc. Maybe I am being unfair to say they don't "deserve it"... perhaps a more accurate description is that they didn't EARN it.

I, too, have succeeded in the face of adversity. And I agree that taxing those who bust their humps to get there to support those without the courage to try is both ludicrous and un-American.
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