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Originally Posted by kat1950 View Post
failed due to circumstances beyond their control

Like What? Everything in buisness is making the right decision, whatever it takes, going over that decision for all the pros and cons, all the benifits and all the pitfalls that might arouse from that decision, and taking all factors into consideration, leaving nothing for chance. Will take care of anything that might arise. There are no Circumstances beyond control, if you rip it apart enough.

As for the people that inherit, born into, or marry into money, are a very, very small part of the equation.
I'll just shoot from the hip here...

1) declining market/economy
2) new invention making for obsolescence of your product
3) unexpected overhead/infrastructure increases
4) sudden departure/death/withdrawl of investors/partners

It sounds good on paper to say simply "plan for everything". But the reality of it is, sometimes life throws you a curveball. I've failed in my life. The secret is not to quit at the first sign of failure, but to endure, learn, and move on.
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